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Industry 4.0

May 27th, 2020
Online Meetings

The First Online Business meetings Leading the Industry in the future.

From your office
remote location
In meeting room
Wherever you want!

2020: The year that you switch to Digital


Whether it’s advanced production Technology, smart objects, robotics, mechatronics, AI or data management, storage and security, there are a huge range of tools available to help you meet the major challenges of the future and build the factory of tomorrow... Today.

Focus on immediate added value
Make your first contact count, meeting experts with the specialist skills to solve your short-term problems - without wasting time. Thanks to the Industry 4.0 Online meetings, you can schedule and attend business meetings from your office with Industry 4.0 specialists, wherever they are in the World. This is the perfect opportunity to open up new doors for immediate progress, with a minimum investment of your time.

Discover the concept

A Community of Experts and Industrial Decision-makers


  • Industrial Decision-makers in search of Experts
    Small businesses: R&D, Technical, Product and Managing Directors
    MAJOR GROUPS: R&D, R&T, Open innovation, Programme, Technical, Production, Pre-project Directors... Managers, Site, Factory, Production, Logistics, R&D, Technical, Quality, HR Directors...
  • Service and Solution providers for Industry
    Advanced production technology (Automation, transit, process robotics, working environment digitisation, data measurement and analysis, optimisation, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, smart machines, etc.).
    Smart, managed and optimised factories and isolated stations (product quality management, virtual design for production systems, product design and simulation, virtual reality, digital factory modelling, etc.)
    Smart objects and industrial internet (autonomous smart sensors, machine communication and agility, industrial internet, data storage, cyber-security, etc.)
    Advanced design: Contractual R&D, engineering, design, innovative project financing, co-development or open innovation. Prototyping, simulation, procedures, tests, studies or analyses. Types of innovative material, manufacture, transformation, treatment, etc.

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Among the professionals who participate


Participants' list


An Event 4.0 for Industry 4.0


Product manufacture, processes, electronics, mechatronics, optics, photonics, optronics or IOT Command-control, automation. Digital, AI, algorithms or triggers. Industrial process support. Control, traceability or verification. Supply chain optimisation or smart logistics. Environmental impact.
Contractual R&D, engineering, design, innovative project financing, co-development or open innovation. Prototyping, simulation, procedures, tests, studies or analyses. Types of innovative material, manufacture, transformation, treatment, etc.

So why should you take part in the Industry 4.0 Online Meetings?


Online Meetings allow you to meet all the professionals you need, wherever they are in the world, at a lower cost and without having to go anywhere.

  • Unbeatable value in terms of your target contacts, guaranteeing an excellent ROI.
  • Save Time, Energy and Travel costs.
  • You can take part  wherever you are, at the office or at home, using a smartphone or a PC.
  • Join a large-scale International Community and get leads that you wouldn’t find at a traditional Trade Show: Each expert is carefully selected, and each project manager is truly motivated.
  • Improve your carbon footprint as you look for new projects and partners.
  • Enhance your turnover and grow your new business.
  • Develop your Brand's image.
  • Get a real grip on changes in the market, without having to go anywhere.

Key figures


  • 300 professionals from anywhere in the world
  • 1500 online meetings
  • 10 webinars to share with all your colleagues


Conferences led by experts

Olivier PAGES


Michel LOYET


Catherine GRANEL

CG Traduction


ALFI Technologies





Charles-Emmanuel FRÉNOY

André Legendre


Sébastien MOENNE



Magic Software





Current program

New IoT data serving the Industry and Supply Chains for more business value

Find out how ffly4u is revolutionizing the Industry and Supply Chain by offering monetizable value to the main players in the industrial sector. Thanks to its innovative solution “Edge AI Low Power®” based on embedded Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning processes, ffly4u provides business data with high added value on 5 main business verticals (cable drums, skips, trailers, packaging reusable and aeronautical sector). The objective is to increase the performance of industrial processes and create new sources of income in the supply chain!

Equipment As A Service to preserve and develop your business and that of your customers

The description of the general principles and implementation of this new "EaaS" model will answer the priority questions posed by many business leaders in the midst of the VIDOC experience19: 

  • How can my industrial SME/ETI remain competitive and resilient in an increasingly unstable, competitive and unpredictable economic context?
  • Why and how can I offer my equipment in the form of services while guaranteeing the expected performances?
  • How to preserve my cash flow while investing in innovation and more particularly in my digital strategy?
  • How can I launch an efficient and risk-free digital strategy without any expertise and experience in this field?


The connected and intelligent smart assistant OSIA 4.0: Real-time monitoring of production units and predictive maintenance

Presentation of "OSIA 4.0" smart platform, demonstration of real-time monitoring of production unit,  optimization of production process and lasting productivity. 
Smart predictive maintenance tools based on real-time examination of the production line, synchronization of process data & video, interactive and collaborative tools.

The method to digitize your industry and develop your sales

The move to digital is a major challenge for companies in the industrial sector. The influence of digital becomes so important in their economic and communication environment that it becomes essential for their survival. In this webinar, we present the actions to take to succeed in an organizational change for digital. Follow our key steps to avoid mistakes and deploy an effective web strategy.

SMEs Switch to Industry 4.0!
  • How to do with its existing while modernizing its Production and its Supply Chain to be in line with the requirements of tomorrow?
  • How to connect its Machines, integrate its Applications from Supply and Production to Distribution of Products?
  • Do you collect your Data in Real Time? do you have good KPI's?
Remote optimization of your industrial sites thanks to AI

Social distancing measures reinforce the safety and profitability challenges industrial companies are faced with. In this context, collecting data and making value out of it are key factors to facilitate control and optimization of operations remotely. By combining the use of the most advanced data processing technologies, and its knowledge of industrial engineering, crystallizes the expertise of industrial operators in Artificial Intelligence models and applications. These AIs are capable of operating autonomously and securely on different sites. They are available to all teams and allow operators to make better decisions, and managers to achieve their operational goals.

Digital twin: IOT and VR

What technologies available for production lines?
Feedback from an industrial equipment supplier.

Technology for Remote Interpreting of your International Meetings

Interpreting from a distance will allow you to:

  • To maintain your meetings in all circumstances
  • Save costs (transport, accommodation, ...)
  • Reduce the material budget and room rental
  • Reduce cancellation or postponement costs
  • Reduce the carbon footprint
Automate your stock management and develop your productivity: Intelligent management cabinet, cutting tools

The French subsidiary of Tungaloy presents its intelligent management system: MATRIX. In addition, Tungaloy is one of the world's leading manufacturers of carbide cutting tools, friction materials, wear parts, and civil engineering products.
In this webinar, you will discover how to develop your productivity with your production equipment.

The blockchain and industry 4.0

The industrial sector is transforming the way it organises its virtual processes. The blockchain, combined with the IoT, presents many opportunities for industry, many of which have yet to be created. These technologies bring increased security to industry, thanks to the storage and transmission of transparent and secure information and, above all, make it possible to guarantee confidence thanks to the traceability of operations.




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